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36 Pictures of Playa Del Carmen and Iberostar Resort

Thick fog at the airport delayed our flight two hours
Finally some rays of sunshine
African Gray Parrot
Sunset in Playa Del Mar
Playa Del Carmen ferry to Cozumel
Morning waves at the destroyed dock
Sunrise at Playa Del Mar
People watching the sunrise on the beach
Pool at the Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar
Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar
Buffet eating area at the Iberostar
Doorway - Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar
Walkway with columns - Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar
Dome over the main lobby - Iberostar Paraiso Del Mar
Guinea Hen (Guineafowl)
Walkway and room buildings at the Iberostar
Hibachi chef at the resort's Japanese restuarant
Swimmers and divers at Garden of Eden Cenote
Garden of Eden Cenote
Taj Mahal Cenote
Cenote Dzitnup (Xkeken) near Vallodolid
Cenote Dzitnup (Xkeken) near Vallodolid
Bunny made from hand towels
Elephant made from hand towels
Iguana at Xel Ha
Parrots at Xel Ha
School of Blue Tangs (Xel Ha)
Black bird (stork?)
Fifth Avenue (Quinta Avenida), the main drag in Playa Del Carmen
Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen
Restaurant in Playa Del Carmen
Night time in Playa Del Carmen