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Utah - Moab 2004

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   Travel, Mineral Point Road, Dubinky Well Road 33 
   Arches National Park 53 
   Sand Flats Road, Castle Valley, Chicken Corners Trail 43 
   Moab, Potash Trail, Shafer Trail 23 
   La Sal Mountains 33 
   Canyon Rims Recreation Area 35 
   Gemini Bridges 12 

About: Utah - Moab 2004
This folder contains pictures from an off-roading/camping/biking trip I took to Moab, Utah with Mark and Falke. There is a ton of stuff to explore in the area, we couldn't do close to all the trails in the two weeks we had.

We spent most of our time off-roading, me in my 1998 (stock) Jeep Cherokee sport, that held up like a champ except for the U-joint I broke on one of the trails.. Falke hopped around on his trusty KLR650. We also ventured through much of this gorgeous but harsh land on our mountain bikes. To top things off, I dragged Mark up a 12,000 foot peak in the La Sal mountains.