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33 Pictures of La Sal Mountains

Lone tree
Manti-LaSal National Forest
Manti-LaSal National Forest
Aspen Trees
Aspen Grove
Aspen Grove
Geyser Pass Road
View of the desert valley from the much cooler mountains
Aspen Tree Grove
Loose rockfall (skree)
Geyser Pass road looping around
Mount Peale
Mount Tomasaki
Road to Burro Pass
Burro Pass trailhead
Wildflowers along Burro Pass Trail
Burro Pass Trail
More wildflowers
Burro Pass Trail
Mt. Tomasaki and the valley below Burro Pass
Manns Peak
Almost there
Mountain Panoramic
The valley where we started the hike
Burro Pass Trail
Mountain wildflowers
I think I'm going the right way
Burro Pass Trail and Mt. Tomasaki
Burro Pass access road
Rustic wood fence at ranch
Free range cattle