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About: Bahamas
I went on this trip in December of 2001 for a week of nothing but diving, tanning, and drinking the local brew. The whole week was spent aboard one of Blackbeard's Cruises 65ft sailboats, sailing the Bimini chain of keys in the Bahamas. The crew of the Pirate's Lady was always having a good time, and the cook made some excellent meals. The other divers on the boat were also a riot, and full of stories.

The first two sets of pictures are from a crappy point-and-shoot camera so they aren't all that good. It was also my first time shooting under water, so there you have it. Still, they provide some good memories. The last set of pictures were taken in Miami, on the water, on one of the keys, and on Bimini.

This is a trip I would definitely do again!