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29 Pictures of Blackbeard Cruise

Sea Explorer sail boat
Pirate flag
Port of Miami and cruise ships
Royal Caribbean Cruise Liner
On board the Sea Explorer
Our living quarters for the week
On board the Sea Explorer
Sailboat mast
American flag on the boat stern
Uncharted desert isle
View of deserted beach from the sailboat
Driftwood on the beach
Looking out to sea
Small islands here are called Keys
Hanging around on the boat
Shallows around a small key
Driftwood on a rocky coral beach
Rocky coral beach
Driftwood pointing towards our sailboat
Conch Shells
Rusted wreckage on the beach
Chiton Mollusk
Chiton Mollusk
Wreck of the Sapona in the distance
Wreck of the Sapona
Stopping in Bimini for beers
Sea Explorer
Crew of the Sea Explorer