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50 Pictures of Chicago's RedBull Flugtag 2003

Entrance to the Red Bull Flugtag
Flying Titanic?
I'm not sure what the deal with the pink guys is..  but they wer
Flying Iron Mike Ditka... only in Chicago.
Delorean and Doctor Brown
Crustacean Aviation
The Man.cow flier...  That was an over-financed joke.
Who Are You Calling Chicken?
Who Are You Calling Chicken?
The Commode-o-Dragon
What a pig
Blow-up doll tied to the Sears Tower.  Don't ask.
Can pigs fly??
Harry Carrey - Holy Cow!
Flying sail cart?
Not sure who this was supposed to be
Parachuter attempting to land on the launch platform
Whoops!  A bit to far
Flying Harry Carrey getting ready for launch
I guess pigs can fly
This was one of the few entries that actually looked like it cou
But it was too heavy for the bike it was attached to
And there she goes!
Flying Zamboni (Bamzoni)
Just had to be there to see what this thing did
Dancing Umpa Lumpas
Dancing Umpa Lumpas
Dancing Umpa Lumpas
Flying Willie Wonka
Flying Willie Wonka
Willie Wonka flying being pulled from the water.
Another contestant going over the edge.
The Commode-o-Dragon doing pre-flight show.
The Commode-o-Dragon
Problems with the toilet, apparently
And they're ready to go...
The Commode-o-Dragon can fly!
...but cheerleaders apparently can't drive.  oops!  The pegasus
Chicago Fire Department fliers
Chicago Fire Department fliers
The dalmation is ready
Flying man-dog!
Red Bull parachutists on the way in
Another one goes a bit too far
One out of the three made it!
Dancing Ditka's
This cute little chihuahua dog apparently wasn't impressed
Flying Ditka ready to go
Another entertaining crash!