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   Galena (Part 1) 37 
   Starved Rock S.P., Ottawa, and Matthiessen S.P. 13 
   Galena (Part 2) 37 
   At the Pumpkin Patch 11 

About: Illinois
This section has everything from my home state, including some weekend trips and other odds and ends.
Also, please see the separate Around Chicago section, for stuff specific to the Windy City!

Galena, IL is an old-time favorite of mine. Only a few short hours from Chicago, Galena offers shopping, wining, dining, and relaxing. Also, Dubuque is close by offering some riverboat gambling and other attractions. House on the Rock is also near by, a tourist trap worth checking out at least once.

Starved Rock & Matthiessen State Parks in Illinois are great places for a weekend hike. Here are just a few pictures from that area, I'm sure I'll add more with future visits.