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34 Pictures of Scuba Diving The Rhone (Salt Island)

Skeleton of the Rhone
Going into the wreck
Inside the wreck
Our divemaster
Sponge and some Grunts
Huge Puffer
More Grunts
Grunts and other unidentified fish
Floor joists of the deck
Floor joists of the deck
Some huge wrenches
Sand Diver fish
Some corals and fish life
Anchor of the Rhone
Divers around the wreck
Brain and Feather Duster coral
Some coral polyps
Tiny purple cleaner shrimp
Huge Caribbean Lobster
Lots of Grunts around the wreck
Divers around the wreck
Tile floor, probably from the galley
Spider shrimp
Divers around the wreck
Crow's nest of the Rhone
Sponge and tiny Christmas Tree coral
This porthole has last remaining glass on the wreck
Coral and Coney fish
Huge propeller
Swim-through at the stern
The captain's silver spoon
RIP Captain Wooly