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Utah - Moab 2008

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   Getting there and Camp 1 10 
   Top of the World trail 30 
   Biking Burro Pass and Hazard trails 11 
   White Rim Trail Day 1 16 
   White Rim Trail Day 2 19 
   Biking Porcupine Rim 6 
   Night Photos 14 

About: Utah - Moab 2008
Here are a bunch of pictures from our last "guy" trip... We headed to Moab Utah for a repeat of our 2004 off-roading and mountain biking trip. This time, I took my new Toyota 4Runner, which performed awesomely on the Canyonlands back-country 4x4 trails. For some more gnarly stuff, we rented a modified Jeep Wrangler, and crawled up to Top of the World. We also did some great mountain biking in the La Sal mountains, and along Porcupine Rim. All in all, a fantastic trip with the usual stunning views.