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25 Pictures of Zanzibar - Scuba Diving

Dive master riding on the front of our bouncing boat
A pair of Moorish Idol fish
A type of nudibranc
Huge school of blue striped snapper
Blue striped snapper
Scorpion fish camouflaged in the coral
Anemone and skunk clown fish
Anemone and three-spot damsel (domino) fish
Large sea cucumber
Blue sea star (star fish)
Squirrel fish and sea star
Lion fish
Blue sea star (star fish)
Moray eel
This weird stone fish slithered along the bottom
Lion fish hiding in the coral
Boat from the water's perspective
Lion fish
Lion fish, puffer, and a few cleaner wrasse
Close up of scorpion fish
Saddleback sharp-nosed puffers
Milky sole fish blends into the sand
Anemones and many fish
Anemones and countless fish