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47 Pictures of Zanzibar - Stone Town and Mapenzi Beach Resort

Tiny Arusha domestic airport
Our flight out was on a dirt runway
Stone Town from the air
Our trusty little airplane, operated by Coastal Air
Smile, U R in Zanzibar
Floor of the Anglican cathedral in Stone Town
Mosaic altar in the Anglican church
Anglican cathedral
Anglican cathedral
The cathedral was built on the site of the old slave market
This memorial is for the slaves that were sold here
The fish market had many varieties of local fish
Octopus at the Stone Town fish market
These shells were for sale in the street market, even though sel
Markets stretched for a few blocks - this American flag shirt is
Stone Town
These ornately carved wood doors show the wealth of home owners
This style of carved doorway is of Hindu origin
We stopped at the Freddie Mercury house
The old Stone Town fort
An old style dow, boats typical in Zanzibar
Door panel in the Sultan's Palace (museum)
Fishing boat
Zanzibar Dow
Trail through the lush Jozani Forest
Simple Green
These Red Colobus monkeys are found only on Zanzibar
Red Colobus Monkey
Red Colobus Monkey
Red Colobus Monkey munching on a leaf
Red Colobus Monkeys
Red Colobus Monkey
This puppy was hanging around the resort
Zippy sand crab would scurry in and out of its hole
Loungers on the beach
These little huts were set up for an exclusive beach side dinner
The beach and palm trees at the resort
Zanzibar Outrigger
Local fisherman fishing in the low tide waters
Many corals and urchins were exposed when the tide was low
Sea urchin
Low tide exposed half a mile of beach
Exposed sand during low tide
Zanzibar Beach
Huge seafood plate
Boats and an approaching storm
Old Door