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61 Pictures of Serengeti National Park

Vastness of the Serengeti
Serengeti terrain changes
Giraffes on parade through the Serengeti
Oldupai (Olduvai)  Gorge, discovery site of earliest known human
Dirt road leading into Oldupai Gorge
Beaded Rungus (Maasai clubs)
Maasai spears
Lower jaw remains of an extinct pig
Reconstructed skull discovered in Oldupai Gorge
First known humans to walk the earth
Male Agama Lizard
The long dusty road leading into Serengeti National Park
Female cheetah laying on a termite hill
Cheetah surveying her surroundings
Male Agama Lizard
Cokes Hartebeest
Leopard with a fresh gazelle kill in a tree
Leopard taking a cleaning break
Leopard on the move
Mom and baby elephant
Gray-backed Fiscal Shrike
Black-headed Heron
Hippo opening wide
Several lizards
Room balcony view from Serengeti Sopa Lodge
Yellow Baboon
Female ostrich
Lilac-breasted Roller
View from the roof of the Land Cruiser
Rock outcroppings (kopjes)
Thomsons Gazelle huddled together, sensing danger
Hyena checking out the Thomsons Gazelle
Thomsons Gazelle
Masai Giraffe
Giraffe spots
Masai Giraffe
Egyptian Goose with babies
Thomsons Gazelle testing the algae-filled waters
Skeletal remains of a Cape Buffalo
Nile Monitor with geese
Two Nile Crocodile
African Elephant
Rock Hyrax
Wildebeest sculpture at Serengeti Visitors Center
Rock Hyrax
Skulls of various Serengeti animals
Black-winged Stilt
Lesser Flamingo
Flamingo admiring its reflection
Maasai used to live within this rock outcropping
Eastern Green Mamba
Male Agama Lizard
Two adorable lion cubs
Lion cubs
Cheetah Black and White
Little Lion Cub Brothers