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45 Pictures of Ngorongoro Crater (part 2)

Gray Crowned Crane
Male Kori Bustard
Superb Starling
One of two hippo ponds in the crater
Safari vehicles
Common Zebra
Looks like the lower jaw bone of an elephant
Zebras sneaking past a lion
These lions had their fill of an unlucky zebra
These lions had their fill of an unlucky zebra
Hungry Lions
A huge throng of safari vehicles showed up to watch the feeding
Large male lion
Large male lion
King Of The Pride
A pile of hippos resting in the cool water
Sacred Ibis
The hippo pond
Some hippos seem to have gotten upset and started biting each ot
These hippos were laying all over each other
Lone hippo
Thomson's Gazelle
Lake Magadi is the most dominant water feature in the crater, th
A pride of lions and cubs resting in the shade of the vehicle
Young male lion
Lion cubs resting in the shade
Family of lions
Male ostrich
Male ostrich
Group of Maasai men prepping for a welcome song and dance
Group of Maasai women welcoming us to their village
Maasai women
Maasai Women
Maasai women
Maasai men performing a welcome dance
Maasai women
Maasai Feet
Maasai woman sporting a clown nose for a charity project led by a clown in our group
Maasai man
Massai men in their village
That's one smiley Cape Buffalo
Maasai Boy
Punk Mane