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62 Pictures of Tarangire National Park (part 1)

Our guide with Ranger Safaris - Gabriel (Gabi) Joseph
Huge cactus type plant in Arusha town
Bottlebrush Tree
Giraffes in a corral
Carved ebony Maasai figures
Maasai people and locals in a small town near Arusha
One of many huge Baobab trees
Buffalo skull
Zebra Butt
African Elephant
African Elephant
Why did the elephant cross the road?
Group of zebras
African Elephant
Giraffe munching on some leaves
Small, winding Tarangire River
Huddled in Shade
Elephants on parade
Elephants on parade
A few female ostriches
Bushy nests hanging from this tree
Colorful male Agama lizard perked up to look intimidating
Tarangire Sopa Lodge
Pool at the Sopa Lodge
Ornately carved door of our room at the Sopa
Tiny little Dik Dik (pronounced deek deek), is only about 2 feet
Giraffe Tongue
Masai Giraffe
Elephants drinking what little water is left
Elephant scratching its rear on a tree
A pair of Waterbucks
A very rare Kudu - our driver has not seen one of these in 10 ye
Tarangire landscape
One of the Land Cruisers stopping to look at animals
Alert Mongoose
A group of banded mongoose all popped up at the same time to che
Sunset Over Tarangire
Group of vultures waiting for their turn to feast
Lion (Simba in Kiswahili)
Young male lion
Lion yawning (or is it roaring)
Young male lion
Lounging lion, just like my house cat
King and Queen
Lions munching on a freshly killed cape buffalo
Lion butt
Yellow-necked Spurfowl
Southern Ground Hornbill
Male Von Der Decken's Hornbill
Female Von Der Decken's Hornbill
African Vervet Monkey
Fischer's Lovebirds
Lion resting in the shade
Herd of buffalo
Cape Buffalo
Lion King