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   Brugge (Part 1) 38 
   Brugge (Part 2) 36 
   Brugge at Night 18 
   Ghent 34 

About: Belgium
Driving out of the Netherlands and into Belgium, our first stop of an all too short visit was Brugge (Bruges). This medieval, once walled city still is great for gothic architecture buffs. There are plenty of museums and old churches here, and the buildings are very well preserved. Although in my opinion the people here weren't nearly as friendly as those in Holland, it was still fairly pleasurable getting around. Driving was a challenge, even with a well marked map!

Next and unfortunately last stop in Belgium was Ghent, where we only walked around for part of the day. This town is the less popular sibling of Brugge, though still a destination that shouldn't be missed. There are some great churches and castles here, but beware... the streets are packed with Frenchmen. :)