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Netherlands (Holland)

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   Helmond 19 
   Amsterdam (Part 1) 53 
   Amsterdam (Part 2) 50 
   Den Haag (The Hague) 41 
   Zaanse Schans (Zaanstad) 14 
   Middelburg 46 

About: Netherlands (Holland)
Holland is a fantastic country with nice people and a rich history. We started out with a few days in Helmond for a wedding. This small town a few hours by train from Amsterdam was an easy welcome to the Netherlands.

After the wedding we were back in Amsterdam where we spent a few days touring the city and beyond. Amsterdam has much to offer: science and marine museums, art museums, the Anne Frank house, parks, bicycle riding, and of course the entertainment and green cafes of the Red Light District. We stayed at the Winston Hotel, which was at the edge of the District and offered reasonably priced rooms. Each room was created by an artist for its own unique personality.

Around Amsterdam there are a number of towns to visit, The Hague is a must for its medieval architecture and Madurodam - a tourist attraction that is hard to miss. This outdoor museum of sorts is packed with intricately detailed, full scale models of many buildings and sights around Holland. Look close enough, and you wouldn't see the difference from the real thing. Zaanse Schanns is a short drive (or train ride) north of the city if you want to get away to see old-world Holland and a bunch of original and still working windmills.

Although there are a ton of great towns to visit throughout the Netherlands, our last adventure was a drive along the coast. We stopped for a night in a quaint little town called Middelburg which offered incredible architecture and friendly people. This place really had what you look for in a small European town.