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About: Thailand
Thailand is a spectacular country, with plenty of interesting sites and friendly people.

Bangkok is the largest and busiest city in Thailand. While we enjoyed our time there, the crowds, congestion, and awful pollution were a bit much to take for more than a few days. The city did boast some great temples, Buddha images, and shopping.

Wat Phra Kaeo is the main temple and palace grounds of the city. This is a definite must-see for your visit.

Lop Buri is a few hours by train north of Bangkok. This is an ancient city with mostly ruined temples and palace grounds. The city is pretty much over run with Macaque monkeys, which have become a tourist attraction. Mind your bags, these things are aggressive and will snatch them looking for food!

Chiang Mai is a smaller, friendlier town in northern Thailand, in the more mountainous region. This great town also has many temples, though of a style much different from Bangkok. Driving around the countryside is a great experience, where you can see grand waterfalls, ride elephants, or visit hill tribe villages.

Koh Samui was our last stop. This island sits in the Gulf of Thailand, and offers plentiful sunshine, white beaches, and pristine scuba diving. Drive around the island for a look at the island culture, hidden waterfalls, and rarely visited temples.