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   San Diego - Around Town 41 
   San Diego - Hotel Del Coronado 20 
   San Diego - Sea World 26 
   Zuma Beach and Malibu 36 
   Los Angeles 18 
   San Francisco 19 
   San Diego & Surrounding Area 4 
   San Francisco 52 
   Bay Area 3 

About: California
San Diego: Took a short trip to San Diego for a conference, and took advantage of the work trip to ride around and take some pictures. Here are a bunch from a great town, where the weather is always great. By the way, the Hotel Del Coronado was absolutely fantastic.

Zuma Beach & Malibu: While tooling around the Los Angeles area, I took a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) one evening. I stopped for some photos at Zuma Beach and Point Dume, Malibu, and other beaches along the PCH.

San Francisco: Just a short trip to San Fran for work, I only had a day to drive around and take some pictures so of course I had to go by the Golden Gate Bridge. Perhaps I'll have more time to shoot next time I go, there's a lot to see!