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53 Pictures of Kitchen Renovation (Part 3 - Installation)

A large stack of clear red oak was brought in
I had to remove this part of the wall because it was damaged
Existing venting was not used, who did this mess??
I had to remove the venting and replace it
Hardwood flooring is installed
The hardwood floor was then sanded a few times and stained
Here the floor is finished with 3 layers of topcoat
Again, 2x4s are attached to existing studs for the new drywall
Bottom half of the wall is closed
A new electrical box is installed for the microwave power
The wall is then closed, joints taped and patched with joint com
Next the walls are primed and painted where they will be exposed
After painting, lines are drawn to mark cabinet locations
The corner cabinet is the first to be installed, using a 1x2 for
Cabinets are installed towards the far wall, one at a time
After the wall cabinets and pantry are in, its time to start the
Each cabinet must be precisely shimmed and leveled
Most of the main cabinets are installed
This is a new addition to the kitchen, this wall was empty befor
Wall cabinets, wine rack, and start of the peninsula
More base cabinets are installed
Finally the peninsula cabinet is installed
We're almost finished
Had to wait an extra week for a new sink base cabinet to arrive,
The last wall cabinet above the refrigerator was installed
The new pantry was not as wide as the old one, giving more count
Starting to put on the doors now
More cabinet doors and drawers are installed
The peninsula is mostly complete
Finally the new sink base arrives and is installed
Plumbing is fed in and an electric junction box installed for th
Getting closer to the end now
The new dishwasher arrives and is installed
I made a new sheetmetal vent and installed it
After much heartache and some swearing, we installed the combo h
Finally, someplace to cook - the new microwave and range
The last end panel is installed, and water hose run for the refr
Water and power lines are run for the dishwasher
An emergency auto shut-off hose is installed for the dishwasher
Juction box for the dishwasher power, with water resistant BX ca
The dishwasher is connected, installed, and leveled
Now its time to attach the backing for the peninsula
The backing is attached with liquid nail
The kitchen is now ready for counter tops
Just in time, our 'Black Galaxy' granite arrives and is (profess
The installers also attach an under mount stainless sink
Now I can finish the plumbing (though this is the only photo I h
A new faucet is also installed at this time
Here we have the completed kitchen... though I have yet to insta
The completed peninsula and new ceiling light
The finished kitchen
The completed peninsula with granite top
A final touch, some halogen track lighting over the sink