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17 Pictures of Kitchen Renovation (Part 2 - Plumbing)

The original plumbing here was a mess that made zero sense
I sawed open the subfloor and cut the copper pipes near the firs
Then I started fitting new copper tubing leading it into the wal
Fit the pipes by hand and mark them at the joints so everything
I bought new quarter turn valves for easy control
I used a one inch spade bit to cut holes for the new plumbing
I used a pipe cutter to make precise cuts in the copper tubing
Then used a propane torch to sweat the copper joints with solder
Place a metalic shield when sweating pipes in tight locations to
It's also good to have a fire extinguisher handy for this job
I soldered as much as possible before installing in the final lo
When finished sweating the copper pipes, check for leaks before
New plywood was cut to close the floor
Use thinset or sheetrock to fill in the gaps - important if inst
Next, it was time to repair the wall with a new drywall sheet
I attached a 2x4 to the existing stud to have a solid wall joint
Finally, tape and patch the joints with joint compound or sheetr