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30 Pictures of Kitchen Renovation (Part 1 - Demolition)

Original kitchen with old owner's stuff
First thing out was the old microwave
This range hood had a blower that vented back into the kitchen
Electric was run in the wall and terminated at the blower
First take out the blower assembly, then the rest of the hood
Here the range hood is gone, leaving the mounting strips
Next I moved and disconnected the range (stove)
Now its time to start removing old cabinets
Base cabinets come out first, making it easier to handle wall ca
The pantry and first cabinets were removed
Now its time to remove the rest of the base cabinets
Before that can be done, all plumbing must be disconnected
Whoever did this plumbing did a really bad job
This old garbage disposal had to go
The dishwasher came out easy
Garbage disposal was removed and drain pipes disconnected
What a mess - looks like some water damage here
With all the plumbing disconnected, the sink was removed
Next, I had to remove the counter top, unscrewing it from the ca
Just a few more base cabinets to remove
All the base cabinets gone, now remove the remaining wall cabine
All the cabinets have been removed
These walls needed some serious patching work
This pergo flooring had to be removed before we put in real hard
I cut the pergo in large sections, because I was going to reuse
Pergo and rubber sheeting was removed
The Pergo was cut up with a small cordless circular saw
All thats left is the plywood subfloor and blank walls
Some thin plywood risers also had to be removed
The shell of the kitchen remains - my blank canvas