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58 Pictures of Bathroom Renovation

Plain white tile bathroom before renovation
Deconstruction begins, ripping off old tile
This quickly turned into simply removing the walls
Much of the walls torn down, exposing cinder block exterior wall
Tub full of wall and tile
Clean walls, ready to start the next step
Water pipes are exposed, I left the original plumbing
After some significant labor the new jacuzzi tub is in, as you c
The jacuzzi tub has an attached water pump
Old drain pipes had to be removed, but not without clearing some
New PVC plumbing was installed to fit the larger tub
Because the drain was off center with the bigger tub, flex tubin
New electrical circuit was now run to handle just the jacuzzi mo
And a new GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) was installed
Dedicated 15A circuit breaker was installed (bottom left)
Time to start putting up the new walls
Screwing in the cement-board walls was a challenge
Cement board seams were filled with flexible latex-modified thin
Now I just need to choose which tile I want
This 13 inch spanish ceramic floor tile was the winning choice
Placement of the floor tile begins in the middle of the room, 3/
Installation of matching 8x10 inch wall tiles begins
Half of the first wall is almost done, and much of the floor has
Installing the bottom half of the wall tiles requires tape to ke
The laundry room has been tiled, and grouting begins using sande
3 inch leaf-pattern Listello tiles are installed before the top
Floor grouting begins
Grouting the floor tile is a long process
Aluminum edging is installed between the carpet and the tiles
Here, most of the grouting has been completed
Wall tiles continue to go up, with a few tiles with inserts to m
Completion of the corner tiles requires more tape
Grouting the walls with unsanded grout of matching color
Walls are almost done, but the seat still needs tile
Time to tile around the toilet, which was removed
Tile has been cut and placed around the toilet area
Walls are just about finished being grouted
Walls are just about finished being grouted
Walls are just about finished being grouted
Floor tiles have been grouted, and toilet was reinstalled
With wall grouting finished here, the fixtures were installed
Starting to tile the seat now
Putting in the final floor tiles
The last of the wall and seat tiles are going in
The last of the wall and seat tiles are going in
Edge tiles are now installed to finish the walls
Floor grout has been completed, and needs to be sealed
The last of the wall and seat tiles are going in
The bathroom is nearing completion!
Time to seal of the final wall
Finish tiling the seat and reinstalling the cabinet
Grouting has been completed
Just about done, need to reinstall the other cabinet
A shelf and towel bar for some finishing touches
A beautifully renovated bathroom!
Brand new jacuzzi tub
A beautifully renovated bathroom!
American Standard 8-jet jacuzzi tub