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34 Pictures of New House Being Built

The backhoe is getting ready to dig a hole for the foundation.
Here the backhoe operator double checks the plans before startin
Digging the hole..
After the digging is done, the outline of the foundation is buil
Concrete is then poured and left to set.
A dump trunk brings rocks to fill the foundation and base of the
Next, the mold for the foundation is assembled, and rocks fill i
The mold has concrete poured in, creating the foundation of the
When the concrete is dry, the mold is taken back down.
Here is the complete foundation, with vents installed.
Now the Bobcat fills in the gap with the dirt dug up by the back
The Bobcat.
Filling in the gaps.
Foundation is now ready for building.
The first thing that goes in is the basement support beams, and
When the floor is in, the outside walls are built.
Next the inside walls are put up.
The second floor is next.
The outside walls are first again.
Building continues on the second floor.
Inside walls are also being built on the 2nd floor.
The outside walls are complete on the 2nd floor now.
The rest of the inside walls are filled in.
Now the roof is getting prepped.  First the ceiling...
The floor of the attic is being laid down.
The first part of the roof frame is shown here.
The frame of the roof is almost complete.
The frame of the roof is almost complete.
The joints in the roof were completed, plywood was laid on top,
Next, roofing paper was laid down, prepping the surface for shin
Shingles have now been added to the roof.
Bricks are starting to get laid now, on all outer walls.
Here the bricks have been laid, windows and doors installed.
More windows have been installed, as well as gutters.  Work is n