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Baja Mexico by Motorcycle

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   Chicago to Phoenix 19 
   Yuma, AZ to San Felipe 13 
   San Felipe to Puertocitos to Ensenada 20 
   Ensenada to Catavina 36 
   Catavina to Santa Rosalia 23 
   Santa Rosalia to Loreto 39 
   Loreto to Guerrero Negro 17 
   Guerrero Negro to El Rosario 17 
   El Rosario to Ensenada 22 
   Tecate, Phoenix, Back Home 10 

About: Baja Mexico by Motorcycle
This was the longest motorcycle trip I've taken to date. Falke and I drove down to Phoenix with motorcycles in tow. One detour on the way to Phoenix included Petrified Forest N.P. which was a cool walk around some ancient land. We slept in Phoenix for a night, really needing the rest after a 36hr non-stop drive. We then hopped on the bikes for a 1881 mile, two week trek thru Baja.

The sections above basically outline our route, shown by the map below. Each part of the trip was an adventure in itself, and a learning experience in many ways. Mexico is an interesting country, with some rich culture we just don't see every day. The pictures in this section show some of what we saw. This was really an awesome trip.