RSS for PicLens

I have a few updates to announce, nothing major but cool nonetheless. I’ve updated my RSS feeds to be PicLens compatible. What is PicLens, you might ask? It’s a cool new browser plug-in that allows for full-screen 3d browsing of photos, videos, and other multimedia found online. It’s great for instant media slideshows. Check it out, and start viewing my images in extra sleek style!

Also, I’ve added a new RSS feed that includes all of my latest photos. While this isn’t updated daily, like the POTD feed, you can be sure to never miss my newest content.

RSS Feeds

You may have noticed a new icon in your address bar. I just implemented a new RSS Feed, which will update daily with a random Photo of the Day from my collection. I will soon be expanding this feature and will change the random photo section to include picks from the feed. Feel free to subscribe, and let me know what you think!