How to Buy Fine Art Photography Online

Sandy Cay, British Virgin Islands Panoramic

A Guide to Buying Fine Art Photography Online

I often get asked if I have my work hanging in a gallery for sale.  A physical building that you can walk into and touch… well, no. But in a sense, I have my work on display in the largest art gallery in the world – The Internet. By only having an online presence, I’m able to display all of my photography for sale, without limits. Also, since I offer prints on demand, and don’t have to pay rent for a physical space, I can afford to offer my work at a reasonable price. So for those that aren’t accustomed to buying art online, here’s a quick guide to make you more comfortable.

Visit Reputable Art Sales Websites

Decorating your home or office is a very personal venture, everyone has different tastes and styles. The first step in the art buying process is to find a site that has a wide variety of art prints for sale that also has a well established satisfied customer base. At the time of this writing, has over 6000 images to choose from. Fine Art America is another site with a huge variety of art, with thousands of satisfied customers. Both of these sites use professional printing and framing companies, and the highest quality archival papers and canvases. This means you’ll get consistent, long lasting color or black and white prints every time. Framed prints are mounted and assembled using custom cut high grade materials, right here in the USA. If you’re shopping on other artists websites, ask about their printing process and materials. Of course, you can probably find “cheap prints” out there, but you get what you pay for, and rest assured those prints will be poster quality reproductions that won’t stand the test of time.

Choose the Right Image

Art buyers are typically drawn to many different aspects of an image, depending on personal tastes, styles, or perhaps even artistic training. Likewise, most photographers have developed their own styles and techniques to incorporate colors, textures, and tones into scenes to convey some emotional response or mood. So how do the two match up? First, take a look at the space on your wall that needs art. Consider the style of the room, the wall color, and other decor. Wider spaces may need a horizontal or panoramic print, while a vertical piece would work better for narrow walls.  The rest is a matter of personal preference – color or black and white; scenic landscape or urban scene; perhaps an abstract? If you’re really not sure, ask the artist! I’ve helped clients choose the perfect print for their space, and even mocked up options using photos of a room or office space.

Living room with fine art print

Living Room Print Mockup


Caring for Your Photographic Art Prints

Buying fine art prints is an investment that adds beauty to your home, office, or work place. As such, proper care must be taken to ensure your prints last a long time. Paper prints should be properly mounted and framed (we can do that for you). Matting a paper print adds to visual appeal and further protects it by spacing it from the glass or acrylic glazing.  If you’re looking for prints for your bathroom or other humid place, consider metal prints which are durable and water resistant. All prints should be kept out of direct sunlight to prevent fading.

Fine art prints continue to increase in popularity and make for beautiful works of art in your home, and now online galleries make it possible to acquire the perfect image. Still not sure? Contact me and we can chat about hanging the right art piece on your wall. Or, if you’re ready to start shopping, please check out my Best Sellers, or visit my Fine Art Portfolio site.

Limited Time Canvas Promotion

Abstract Birds in Flight Panoramic

The winter thaw is finally beginning, and that puts me in a good mood!  So from today (3/10/2014) until 5pm on 3/15/2014, I’m offering the following abstract images at a special promotional price.  My professional print company gets standard size canvases at a discount, so I can pass that on to my customers.  These amazing images are from NASA’s Hubble Telescope, and make for great abstract artwork for your walls.  Check my gallery for more incredible outer space images.

Butterfly Nebula NGC6302 Canvas Print

Butterfly Nebula NGC6302 Canvas Print – 24×20 – $89

Carina Nebula Canvas Print

Carina Nebula Canvas Print – 36×24 – $124

Tarantula Nebula Canvas Print

Tarantula Nebula Canvas Print – 24×20 – $89

Canvas Print Sale

Cloud Gate aka The Bean

It’s Friday, it’s mid-April, and I just feel like it.  So here’s a great promotion running for the next several days (while supplies last).  I get a special discount on standard size canvas prints, so I would like to pass that special print on to my fans and customers.  Here are the current limited time promotions – 11×14 canvas prints (ready to hang) for only $60 (normally $99).  Only 20 of each available, so hurry!

Zebra Love

Zebra Love

Chicago's Willis Tower

Chicago’s Willis Tower

Cloud Gate aka The Bean

Ghosts in The Bean












Promotion Expired 4/17/2013…  Thank you buyers!

Custom Print Ordering

Red Tulip Macro

It’s finally here!  Today I’m announcing the official re-opening of my specialty print shop.  All of my images are now available for immediate customization and print ordering, direct from this site.  The new order system allows you to choose various print configurations including standard prints, framed prints, and canvas prints.  Further, you can choose custom mats and frames, for a completely finished, ready-to-hang art piece.  I’m still working on adding a larger variety of frame and mat options, and plan on offering acrylic and metal prints in the near future.  Check out some of the examples below, or find your own favorites!


1945 Vought F4U-4 Corsair - Fine Art Print

1945 Vought F4U-4 Corsair
Framed Art Print

Chicago Skyline Panoramic - Fine Art Print

Chicago Skyline Panoramic
Fine Art Print

Double Arch Illuminated by Moonlight - Canvas Print

Double Arch by Moonlight
Canvas Print

EDIT: Payment via Amazon has now also been enabled!

Easy Canvas Prints

Today I’m reviewing a canvas print I got recently from

Check out these awesome canvas photos!

1. Ordering
The ordering and upload process was easy and straight-forward. You start by selecting a canvas size, then upload a photo (or choose from their stock images), pick some canvas options, and you’re done.

2. Shipping & Packaging
The canvas print was wrapped in plastic and protective shipping paper and boxed. Packaging could have used some bubble wrap for extra protection, but the box was not damaged in shipping, so all was good. The canvas was quickly delivered by UPS.

3. Canvas Print Quality
Overall I’m satisfied with the canvas. I chose one of my fine art images to print, a Chive Blossom macro. The original canvas that I received actually had a problem, but they quickly reprinted it and sent me a replacement, which was much better.

The canvas has a nice texture with good color and finish, though isn’t quite as saturated/contrasty as others I’ve seen. The finish is on the satin side, which is good for keeping reflected light to a minimum, while not making it look dull. The more muted color would be great for subtle fine art prints or portraits, but might take away from really bold images.

4. Canvas Build Quality
Stretching and framing on this canvas is pretty standard, the canvas is firm and attached well to the frame with staples. It’s fitted with a saw-tooth hanger, ready to hang on the wall. I would have liked to see an option for wire hanging hardware, since that is what is required at many galleries, but for home use this is more than sufficient. Rubber feet (bumpers) on the bottom would be great, and a really nice touch would be a dust cover on the back. However, these features would raise the attractive price point of this product.

5. Conclusion
Would I recommend If you’re looking for canvas prints of family or subtle colored fine art for your home or office, I think it’s a good value. If you’re looking for gallery quality art prints, check my portfolio site –

Canvas Prints Available

Canvas Prints

I’d love to introduce a new product here at 3scape Photos. We are now offering Museum Mount Canvas Prints! These works of art are printed on premium 9 oz. tight-weave linen-finish canvas. They are beautifully mounted on a 1 3/8” deep stretcher frame and finished with black framing paper and hanging system. To protect your image from scratching and surface damage, the canvas is coated with a clear protective finish that provides a slightly glossy finish without compromising the true look and feel of the canvas. Rubber feet are mounted on the back to protect your walls. Ready for hanging!

Need help choosing your new canvas print? Here are a few suggestions!